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"With TFConnect, shippers and brokers, alike, have access to a complete set of powerful shipping management tools."

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With 15 years of carrier relationships, TFC offers competitive pricing and premium service for LTL and Truckload shipments.

Shipping Web Portal
The TFConnect web portal gives you easy access to shop freight rates and transit times and empowers you to make smarter shipping decisions. You can easily create bills of lading, schedule pickups, print manifests, track shipments, and run customizable reports. Sales personnel can provide accurate quotes with our easy-to-use Quick Rate Tool.

Powerful Rating Features
TFConnect boasts one of the most comprehensive sets of rating features available. With point-to-point custom rates, integration with rating engines such as RateWare from SMC³, and our direct integration with numerous carrier web sites and web services, TFConnect can facilitate your most complex rating scenarios.

Freight Payment Services
Are you interested in reducing the administrative costs associated with auditing and paying freight invoices? Top Flight Concepts offers freight payment services to TFConnect subscribers. We audit every invoice and bill of lading to ensure you are not overcharged or billed incorrectly.

Carrier Integration
TFConnect uses real-time integration with a host of carriers for tracking, rating, image and POD retrieval, and service time estimation. These automations reduce manual entry time by retrieving invoice elements and key documents at the touch of a button.

Reliable and Secure
Our hosted platform offers the utmost in reliability and security. Our servers are constantly backed up and monitored for intrusion and viruses. All TFConnect communications use the secure socket layer (SSL) to protect the privacy of your data.

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Top Flight Concepts has LTL pricing contracts with the best LTL carriers, and TFConnect makes it easy to get started as a TFC agency.
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Shipping Made Easy and Profitable

Top Flight Concepts, proudly celebrating over 20 years in business, is a unique provider of freight services and software solutions.

Our software and expertise is GUARANTEED to lower freight costs by creating a smoother, more efficient shipping process, centralizing carrier selection, and transforming freight costs into a profit center.

With Top Flight Concepts as your technology partner, you gain an immediate advantage over your competitors. Everything you need is available to you for a low monthly price.

What is TFConnect?
TFConnect is a hosted shipping management software suite with two components: a windows program for administrative users and a web portal for shipping customers. TFConnect's unique design creates unprecedented visibility throughout the entire shipping and billing process.
TFConnect gives shippers a complete online management tool designed by our technology professionals in combination with our industry experts that marries your specific business rules with a centralized repository of shipping information, creating a solution tailored for your business. A solution that helps you make smart shipping decisions for your customers and your business.
Freight Brokers and Carriers:
Create loads with multiple pickup and drop-off locations, track freight, manage multiple customers and carriers, track charges and cost detail, generate invoices and much more.
3PLs and Freight Payment Providers:
Give your customers high visibility in the shipping process by allowing them to enter orders, track shipments, and print bills of lading online. Manage complex tariffs to ensure accurate carrier pricing. Design creative transactional, flat fee, and benchmark/savings-based billing scenarios to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

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