TFConnect is perfect for freight brokers and carriers

TFConnect was designed from the beginning for use by freight brokers and carriers. The keys to a successful carrier/broker operation are: 1) providing fast, accurate quotes, 2) offering the lowest rates by consolidating shipments and optimizing routes, 3) making sure your customers' freight gets picked up and delivered on time, and 4) invoicing and getting paid quickly to prevent cashflow issues. TFConnect can help you manage all of these important facets your business. And if you are not currently using software to manage your operation, have no fear. The up-front investment of time and money to get started with TFConnect is minimal, and Top Flight Concepts' qualified staff will be there to guide you through the process every step of the way. Your growth depends on having the right tools to manage your activities.

The difference between winning and losing business is often the speed and accuracy with which you respond to a quote request from your customer. In TFConnect, your quotes are streamlined for fast data entry, automatic rating, and instant access to historical rate information for the type of quote you are providing.
With all but the most simple of loads, your profits are maximized by your ability to manage your business with the greatest flexibilty. With TFConnect, you'll routinely find opportunities for consolidating orders to use transportation volume as effectively as possible, manage multiple customers and carriers on a single load, and point-and-click tracking.
Supporting your customers with the most up-to-date tracking information is essential to the growth of your business. TFTrack, included with TFConnect, is our proprietary tracking technology to receive instant updates from national and regional carriers. If you're using smaller carriers or your own fleet, TFConnect provides you with an easy to use method for recording tracking events and PODs. Your tracking and POD information can be automatically sent to your customer as soon as the information is available to you.

Going beyond its ability to produce customized invoices directly out of the system, TFConnect will make sure you never accidentally forget to invoice a customer. Using a series of workflow management screens, you can easily determine which loads you need to invoice or export to your accounting system. In addition, TFConnect provides a very powerful auditing system to ensure that your carriers are billing you correctly.

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